About Us

Disability Information NZ will assist all people with a disability, their families, whānau, aiga and carers to locate and access information, resources and services all over New Zealand.

What is DINZ?

DINZ is a service provided by the members of the NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres. We provide information by phone on our 0800 disability info line, electronically or face to face with the experts who work in our Centres, many of whom have personal experience of disability.


What DINZ is not.

DINZ is not a directory of services. There are already sites that people can use such as Firstport if they want to look up a service’s contact details. We believe that the most useful information can be obtained by engaging with local people in our Centres. Services change, they come and go, and while this is generally known at local level it can take a while for changes to filter through on national sites. The DINZ site provides information relating to general areas of life, and enables people to access information in their own communities, about the supports and services they need to lead good lives.

Who is it for?

Anyone can use DINZ. Nationwide we provide information and advice; community linking; resources and support, to disabled people and their family, whānau or aiga. We also assist community organisations, healthcare professionals, local councils, architects and builders, local businesses, teachers and students, the general public, locals and visitors.


How to contact DINZ

You can free call our Disability Line on 0800 693 342

You can SMS to 027 387 0908

You can Email Us

You can send us a query via our Website

You can contact us through Facebook

You can make contact with our Centres here.